I put something online daily. It is a goal I have kept for years. Sometimes I strive for excellence, and I noticed that some anonymous person is more apt to take time out of his/her busy day to comment on those works that they don’t understand what I am saying. Or a series of question marks or just one like…?…??? Some have asked me if I am all right, which is my favorite of those comments. I almost always laugh aloud when that question is put to me, or to someone else. Online.

I see. That person is correct. What the heck was I saying with that? The idea to cull those comix and to explain further what they mean, if anything, is the modus operandi for this book in the works. Does anyone understand what I am saying here? Let me know! ha ha!

Also, I wanted to check if I remembered how to put a PDF on WordPress, which was easier than I thought. I may offer the completed work here…if it is not finished already!



I retired at my customary time. I was ruminating in this room of nations and ruined nations about the dying Trixie Kitty who was at the vet’s getting treatment to ease her decline. Restless, I adjusted my new household fan and returned to my Love Seat to snooze. I heard a flutter like a bird taking wing from the top tier of my handsome, sturdy desk. A paper like a message landed directly on my chest. Ah, I thought, my powerful brand new fan cocked up dislodged this. I regarded it grumpily, testily, and saw this powerful image (just the picture; the fan did not tip the desk “withershins”).

A box of bicarbonate of soda, baking soda to you, mayhap, the top half torn away months past to freshen the room, also had blown off to spot the carpet with what looked like moon dust and moon rocks in the room. The mess glowed in the dark, bluish and white. I better clean that up with the vacuum cleaner, I thought. Tomorrow. I returned to slumber to dream my usual fancies, adventures and pleasures.




The size of the panel is set at specific dimensions in width and height measured in pixels, pixels per inch (ppi), or sometimes dots per inch (dpi) if the app hails from a foreign nationality, I am guessing. The exact size makes placing them in a page digitally a snap. I use the European comics template from Krita presently for the size of the pages for the work in prōgress.

I stick with using the same app for the bulk of the panel, tho I will move it around from app to app according to the tasks’ demands. The example above is a panel near completion if not complete. I sometimes tweak panes while assembling pages of the illuminated manuscript like a monk intent on impressing the patrons of a Monastery’s children’s children for the work takes care and time. The provided example may seem sketchy or too roughish later, but probably not aside from checking for spelling and punctuation. It looks too much like the religious nut of a Loot to fuss about!